The principal arm of the firm was established in 1998 with the considerable resources of the founder Isabelle Kayaloff.
Kayaloff has spent over twenty years in the corporate finance sector and is an expert in privatisation aspects and in particular BOT's in transportation.
The firm's aim is to provide a highly personalized range of advisory services combining traditional values with modern technology.
In 2000 the firm founded Infrastructure Management GmbH which provides advice on construction and technical aspects such as capacity and capital expenditure planning and design for civil construction. During this period the firm expanded to accommodate the increased demand for advisory services.
Although IJK & Associates is now larger and a more broadly based business, the firm remains committed to the principles of high quality service and problem resolution.

Our Mission : Meeting your Needs

The transport sector, particularly the aviation industry, is undergoing unprecedented changes influenced by international events. At the same time, clients are now offered a plethora of services ranging from financial advisory to no frills due diligence, and execution often accompanied by high pricing. At IJK & Associates we believe that in order to understand the complex changes, clients need a straightforward and uncomplicated approach to investment opportunities and valuations. We believe that it is important that clients are provided with:

  • A professional seamless approach to problem resolution
  • Financial advice that incorporates the total investment circumstances including full operational overview and technical capacities
  • A range of complimentary expertise that offers flexibility and in depth know how in all aspects of transportation issues and economics
  • Project management and implementation
  • Traffic forecasting, retail development and benchmarking