Recent Assignments

  • Financial and Operational assessment of five Scandinavian
  • Financial assessments and investment appraisal of a military
        airfield for civilian use in Southern Germany
  • Bid Management for privatisation of an airport in Central
  • Advisor to a bidder for the purchase of shares of Sydney
        Airport Co. Ltd.
  • Concluded assessment and due diligence on EPC process
        operational concept for terminal expansion in South East
  • Preliminary evaluation of three airports in Northern Spain
  • Advisor to a consortium for Beijing Capital International
        Airport, Peoples' Republic of China
  • Advisor for devestiture of shares of an airport in South Africa
  • Valuation of airside assets for purpose of a lease
        transaction for a major international airport operator
  • Opportunity assesment valuation of a regional Australian
        airport and prepared a recapitalisation program